In Matthew 8, Jesus teaches His disciples and we can use those teachings in our own lives.

Lessons from Matthew 8: Jesus Disciples

In Matthew 8:18-27, Jesus demonstrated power and authority over His disciples and disaster.

As the crowds continued to gather around Him and His disciples, Jesus gave orders in verse 18 to cross to the other side of the lake. I’m sure all the people and the miracles were overwhelming. And then, while this was taking place, a teacher of the Law came to Jesus and said, “Teacher, I will follow you wherever you go.“

In Matthew 8, Jesus teaches His disciples and we can use those teachings in our own lives.

Jesus Disciples

Jesus responded to the man’s request by basically telling him there would be a cost to following Jesus.

At that point, everything was all well and good. There were healings and miracles. But one day soon there would come great opposition. The man, along with every other true believer in Jesus Christ, must count the cost!

For Jesus, the cost of our freedom was His very life. Would this man, or any other believer for that matter, be willing to lay down his life as he knew it and follow Jesus? Would he give priority to God’s plans and purpose for his life?

And yet another, in verse 21, came to Jesus and said that he too would like to follow but first he must go and bury his father.

This is interesting, for if his father was truly dead, the man would not have been there. Jewish law required that the body be buried on the same day as the person’s death. And Jewish tradition required family members to not leave the body. So what this man was really saying here was, “When my father dies, then I will follow you.” Or could it be something like this: “I think I’ll save serving you, Lord, for another day.”?

So we see the first man was quick to promise and this one was slow to perform.

But Jesus responded in verse 22 by telling him, “Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead.” What kind of a response is that, you ask? Jesus was saying let the spiritually dead bury the spiritually dead. Those of you who are alive to Me and to what I am doing, come and follow Me.

It is important that you look and see if you fit into either of these two positions.

There are some of you who are eager to serve Christ, but are you willing to lay it all down for Him? You must ask yourself this question!

And then there are others of you who are slow to get going. You make every excuse, good or bad, instead of trusting God. Do you trust that if He has called you, He will equip you and your family with all you have need of?

While there is a cost to following Jesus and obeying His commands, there is also untold blessings. Discipleship is an investment that lasts for eternity and yields incredible rewards.

There is a cost to following Jesus, but the rewards far outweigh it!

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