Our walk of faith is complex and full of spiritual high points as well as spiritual low points. Join me in our study of Matthew 17.

Lessons from Matthew 17: Spiritual High Points

Our walk of faith is complex and full of spiritual high points as well as spiritual low points. Join me in our study of Matthew 17.

Spiritual High Points

After the transfiguation, as Jesus and the three disciples were headed down from the mountain top, the scriptures tell us that Jesus instructed them not to tell anyone what had taken place.

The time would come, after Jesus’s death and resurrection, that the facts about the event could and should be told, but for now they were to remain silent.

But they had questions about the appearance of Elijah and so they asked. Jesus graciously answered and disclosed to them that Elijah had already come in the person of John the Baptist, to prepare the way for Jesus Christ. Yet the people did not recognize him and he suffered greatly at their hands.

In the same way, Jesus said, the Son of Man is going to suffer at their hands. One greater than Elijah and John the Baptist was there with them, and though they still appeared not to “get” it, they gained a little more insight.

It is the resurrection that would be the ultimate teacher. We will see that later on in Matthew 26:50-56. It is then that the “lights” would finally come on and their understanding would be complete.

But for now they understood what Jesus had been saying about John the Baptist. Though, they were still limited in their thinking and understanding about Jesus and the cross!

Spiritual High Points

This had truly been a mountain top experience for the three disciples. They had experienced for themselves the glory and splendor of the Lord Jesus Christ. Yet there was still work to be done, and so they turned the next morning and headed down the mountain.

We too must remember that it is good to pull away and find a private hideaway and be with the Lord, whether individually or with the body of Christ. But like a holiday, these times are not to be permanent. They are meant to be a time of refreshment and refinement, but then we are to return to the work at hand!

Have you experienced some spiritual high points where you have understood some truth about Jesus Christ for the first time?

These spiritual high points are God’s preparation for you. Will you trust God to give you the courage and joy to face what He wants you to do?

I don’t know what that might be, but you know what He is calling you to do!

Won’t you agree with Him and just do it? You will be rewarded both here and in eternity for it!

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