Why study John?

Lessons from John: Why Study John?

Why study John?


After looking at the “what” and the “who” we’ve come to the last question: Why should I study this; What’s in this for me? Why study John?

Not in a selfish way, but in a real way.

John was primarily writing to a Jewish audience scattered in a Greek world. John wrote this to convince his Jewish audience that this Jesus was indeed their promised Messiah, the Son of God.

Gentiles were also attracted to this man named Jesus. John told those willing to listen the truth about who Jesus was and is. And that Jesus would make a difference in their lives forever. The same is true for you and me today.

John wrote this book, often referred to as God’s love letter to His people, so people like you and me might come to know God for who He is and to understand what He is like.

John invites people of all ages to have an intimate, up-close, and personal relationship with Jesus, the Son of God.

Now that is good news and a very good reason to study this book! Wouldn’t you agree? John wants readers of all ages, including us today, to know God.

The most important question anyone faces in life is who is Jesus Christ. The answer is in the Bible. That’s the why of studying!

So won’t you join me as we journey through Jesus’s life through the eyes and words of John, the disciple whom Jesus loved? Will you draw closer to Him as a result of one who has been there before us and is willing and delighted to share with us his wisdom, his insight, and his love?

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