Lessons from John 21: The Word of the Lord

Tne Word of the Lord

It’s now three years later, and the scene is being relived, at the same sea, with the same fishermen and the same Lord. Yet it appears that only John was all the wiser and had indeed discerned that this was again the work of the Lord, Jesus.

John tells us in verse seven that as soon as Peter heard it was the Lord, Peter wrapped his outer garment around himself and immediately jumped into the water and made his way to the Lord. While the others remained behind in the boat, towing the net full of large fish. One hundred and fifty-three to be exact. And when they got to the shore, they saw a fire of burning coals with some fish on it, along with some bread.

And then Jesus invited them to bring some of their fish, that they had just caught. It was here that Peter climbed back on board and appears to have drug the net onshore single-handedly. And if all this was not enough to take in, much to their amazement, they found that there was not even a tear in the net after all the fish had been emptied and accounted for.

After all was done and the work had been completed, Jesus said to them, “Come and have breakfast.” And Jesus took the bread and served each one and then He did the same with the fish.

You have to wonder what was going through each one of these disciples’ minds at this moment. Was Peter reflecting on the fire, the place where he had previously set out to warm himself on that cool night in Jerusalem in the courtyard of the high priest before Jesus crucifixion, where he had denied knowing Jesus or being one of His disciples, after claiming so boldly before Jesus and the other disciples that he would follow Jesus even unto death, even if the others did not.

There the fire had brought misery, but here it would bring comfort and restoration. And what about the others, would the bread and the fish remind them of Jesus’ miraculous feeding of the four and five thousand that He had called them to serve?

Jesus had repeatedly provided exceeding more than they could think or imagine. Jesus gave them success in “catching” fish, and He would give them success in “catching” people for God’s kingdom as well. And He is the same today.

Jesus gives us whatever is needed to succeed in whatever it is that God calls us to do.

Principle: Jesus provides believers with all they have need of for spiritual success and satisfaction.

Where is it that Jesus is directing you to spend time and effort fishing for people? Maybe it’s someone in your family, or at your workplace of school? Maybe it’s here in BSF or over the summer at you church’s VBS or another place of service. He has provided you with more than enough to be ready and equipped to serve others as you have devoted yourself this year to studying His Word and then walked in His ways.

The question is, Will you choose to depend on Him and trust Him to provide all that you have need of?

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