TH Introduction to John 16

Lessons from John 16: Introduction to John 16

TH Introduction to John 16

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About six weeks before my grandmother passed away, she came to watch me participate in the National Aerobics Champion competition. After I had registered and had my time of practice, we all gathered at her hotel room.

One common practice when anyone stayed in a hotel room with my grandmother was that we could jump on the bed. Something that we couldn’t do at home. So no matter what our age, whenever we had the opportunity to stay in a hotel with our grandparents, we delighted in the freedom to jump or dance on the bed as if it didn’t really matter.

And this time it was no different. Except, after we all had an opportunity to jump on the bed, I sat at the edge of the bed. My grandmother, who had overcome breast cancer and its vile yet victorious treatment, said to me, “Princess, I know I don’t look sick.” My grandmother had not lost her hair or much weight during the treatments she had formerly received. “But I am very sick. But I asked God to just help me make it to and through this weekend so I could see you compete. I have an appointment on Monday and we will see what the doctor has to say about my health.”

At the time, I didn’t realize that in six short weeks my grandmother would pass from here to eternity. I think she knew her time was close.

Jesus also knew His time was drawing nearer. In fact, it would only be a matter of hours before Judas would lead the full delegation of the Jewish religious leaders, along with part of the Roman army, to the Garden of Gethsemane. There Judas would betray Jesus with a kiss.

And so with the little time that Jesus had remaining with these men He loved and had come know and love Him, He changed the focus of his teaching. He moved from persecution they would face when He was gone to telling them that the time for His departure was at hand.

And He said if He didn’t go, the promised Holy Spirit could not come. Nor could the power or peace of the Holy Spirit come. They were going to need that once Jesus was gone.

So with that in mind the divisions for the next lessons in our John 16 bible study are as follows:

  • Jesus, Promised The Holy Spirit After His Departure~John 16:5-11
  • Jesus Promised The Spirit of Truth Would Guide Believers and Glorify Jesus~John 16:12-15
  • Jesus Promised Peace through His Overcoming Victory~John 16:16-33

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