Lessons from John 13 -Weary and Tired Blog

Lessons from John 13: Weary and Tired

Lessons from John 13 -Weary and Tired Blog

I. Jesus’ Preparation and Prediction~John 13:31-37
II. Jesus’ Promise~John 14:1-7
III. Jesus’ Proofs~John 14:8-14

Let me ask you, do you feel weary physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, or maybe even spiritually?

Maybe you are experiencing what feels like an overwhelming amount of pressure at home, or work, or school and it has left you feeling stressed out!

You know what “stressed” is spelled backward, right? Desserts!

Maybe you feel like you are facing what seems like a hopeless situation. Perhaps you or a loved one is suffering from a health issue and the doctors just can’t seem to figure out what it is. Or maybe they have and it’s just not the news you were hoping for.

Maybe you are pouring yourself out taking care of a loved one or two and you are feeling drained and empty like you have nothing left to give anyone, not even yourself!

Perhaps your marriage seems to be hanging on by a thread, a very thin thread. Or maybe you or someone you love is dealing with an addiction. An addiction to drugs, alcohol, pornography or gambling or whatever else has consumed their mind, their time or their money and they just need a breakthrough!

I have good news for you! I believe today’s lesson will fill your heart and mind with comfort, peace, and a renewed hope!

Why? Because Jesus says in John 14:1: “Do not let your hearts be troubled.” Instead, we as His people are to trust in God through Jesus Christ! Trust in Him, His power, and His promises!

The question is, do you trust Him?

Jesus can take the most seemingly desperate situation and turn it into an instrument of His glory.

So if you will take out your Bibles or smartphones and turn with me to John 13:31 we will pick up where we left off last time.

Join us in a Bible study for John 13, weary and tired.

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