Continuing our study of John 1 this week we are discussing Jesus and the promised Messiah.

Lessons from John 1: Promised Messiah

Continuing our study of John 1 this week we are discussing Jesus and the promised Messiah.

Jesus the promised Messiah

God graciously gives all people opportunities to believe the truth about Jesus Christ the promised Messiah. But sadly enough, there will always be people who oppose the truth because of the sin in their hearts and minds.

And the religious leaders in John 1 did not want to see the truth of what John was saying, so they asked him what right he had to baptize people in verses 24-25.

And John responded to their question (or accusation) by telling them that he merely baptized with water, but among them stood one they did not know. He, of course, was referring to the Promised Messiah, the Lord’s Anointed One.

John knew that his authority to baptize came from God and not men. He had been commissioned from heaven, but heaven would come in the form of Christ and His baptism would be much more powerful than the one John performed.

John’s baptism was with water. It was an outward sign of the change that had taken place in the heart of a person after the recognition and confession of sin and the reception of the truth that they needed a Savior. Yet, John’s baptism could not save, but Jesus’s baptism would!

Jesus was the only one who could pay the penalty for our sins. He did that when He was substituted on the cross.

Melinda Burnette said it like this, “Water can wash the skin; it cannot wash a heart. Only the blood of Jesus Christ does that. So John is pointing to the who comes after him, saying He is the one who is worthy.”

In fact, John stated that he was not even worthy to untie the Messiah’s sandals. Only slaves were allowed to untie the sandals of their masters.

Yet John was saying he was not even worthy to do that. John also made it clear that he was not establishing a new religion or seeking to exalt himself. He was pointing people to the Savior, the Son of God.

And John 1:34 tells us it was through baptism that Jesus Christ would be presented to the people of Israel.

John’s whole aim in life was to point people to Jesus Christ so that they might believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and that by believing they might be saved. As God’s people we are to do the same thing. We are to use our voices to proclaim the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ so that others may believe in Him too.

God’s people are to use their voices and share what they know about to be true about Jesus.

Today people are looking for someone to give them hope and security in an insecure world. Our job as believers is to share the good news of the Gospel. To share about Jesus Christ and all He has done for us and them. We are to help prepare the way for them to come to know and love Him as their personal Lord and Savior too!

How can you lay out the red carpet for Jesus so that others might come to know Him through your own testimony of faith?

Now you might ask, Terri, how can I do this? It’s simple! Share what you are learning about Him and point others to His Word.

You might think, “Well, I don’t know what to say.” Listen and learn from the words of John the Baptist and then go and tell others.

Will you ask God who He wants you to share these truths about Him with this week? And then will you go and do it, trusting Him for the words and for the outcome of those words?

I know that you will be amazed at what He does in and through you to reach a dark and hurting world.

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