Rebirth comes in many forms. There is spiritual and physical rebirth. God called me to let it go and experience both kinds of rebirth recently.

Let It Go! Fitness Rebirth


Long before it became popular…God said, “Let it go”

I read this on the license plate of a car as we traveled down the 15 fwy.  I had recently been ‘Let Go” (funny as I write those words now) of a very large fitness company, for no good reason where I had worked as an aerobic instructor and personal trainer. This wrongful termination brought about an uproar amongst the members that I taught and trained, to which they produce a petition. I was crushed, broken and perplexed.

Rebirth comes in many forms. There is spiritual and physical rebirth. God called me to let it go and experience both kinds of rebirth recently.

Fitness Rebirth

I had worked in the fitness industry for over 25 years as an Aerobic Instructor, Coordinator of 5+ clubs at one time and I had a personal training business inside one of their facilities also at which time I employed several trainers. I was a continuing education provider for ACE and AFAA and had at one time been a National Aerobic Competitor. Basically fitness was a huge part of my life. 

But as I prayed and fervently sought what the Lord desired, I looked out the window of the car and read the license plate of the car next to us. It said, “let it go”. It was a Pretty clear answer to my prayers and so with much grief and sorrow, yet in full obedience, I did as the Spirit of God said and I, “Let it go”.

At that time we had adopted a special needs son who was then 3 and had several medical issues and God used this to turn my life in another direction. Though I continued to train a few clients in their homes, the pursuit of fitness has never really been my priority since. Oh, I exercise a bit, but instead of living to exercise, I exercise to live!

About 5 years ago, I attended the Declare Conference, a Christian Women Writers Conference where I learned about Revelation Wellness and attended one of the early morning workouts with Alisa Keeton! After picking up some literature and returning home, the Lord began to birth something in my heart, mind, body and soul!

First, He birthed was the name of my blog, “God’s Glorious Gifts Unfolding” and then He lead me to the 4 F’s…Faith, Family, Food and Fitness! He began to give me a vision and direction of what He wanted to me focus on and talk about! I got the “Faith” I love the Lord and aim to lead others to love Him too. Family is a given, they are my blessings and my gifts from God! But, “Food” a cook I am not though I know how to eat healthy and “Fitness” this had pretty much dwindled down to little or non! Especially after 3 slip and falls, which resulted a torn hamstring, an injured neck and back, a broken elbow and 2 injured wrists.

Fitness Rebirth

But God’s prompting wouldn’t go away. So I began to research and see what this Revelation Wellness thing was all about! The more I learned, the more I could see how God was connecting my faith with my fitness! So, I took the plunge and registered to become a Revelation Wellness Instructor…and after a nine week’s of intense training and Bible Study…I was off on a plane to Arizona for a week long retreat!

I still have a hard time putting into words what truly happened there, but I can tell you, I arrived one way and left another! It was an amazing spirit-filled week. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better or go any deeper in my spirit and soul, it did just that!

Alisa and the others on the leadership team took us deep into the Word of God and enabled us to look inside and evaluate our inner beings as they worked out our physical bodies.

Retreat taught us not only about how to become a faith and fitness instructor, it caused us to go deeper in knowing who we are in Christ Jesus and how to lead others in the same discovery!

One afternoon, I had a brief opportunity to talk to Alisa and share a snippet of my story and she said, “Rebirth”…God is rebirthing your faith with your fitness! Indeed He has done just that! God has aligned my faith first to Him and is allowing me to use fitness as a witnessing tool!

I would like to encourage you to know that though God does sometimes tell us to “Let that thing go” it may or may not be forever.

As I have watched, waited and prayed, He re-birthed a past passion by uniting it with my present faith and I can’t wait to see where He takes me from here!

Won’t you come along and enjoy the journey with me and be a witness to God’s Glorious Gifts Unfolding!


  1. Charmaine

    As always Terri you speak words that uplift and encouragement. May you experience the Lord’s mercy and goodness in a whole new way in 2018. God bless you for your faithfulness to the Gospel.

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