faith fitness coach

30 Day Faith and Fitness Coaching

faith fitness coach

Come and join me on a 28-day faith and fitness journey!

Starting November 3, for twenty-eight days you will receive encouragement and inspiration to grow in your faith and either begin or be encouraged in your personal fitness. You will be invited to join a closed Facebook group for 28 days where you are free to ask questions and receive encouragement and workouts. Also you will be invited to join a weekly Zoom for 4 weeks where we will share goals and celebrate victories.


Are you ready to expand your faith and improve your fitness?


Ready to kick start 2019 with health and happiness goals?


It’s time to make you, your faith, and your fitness a priority! Together we will get fit and dive into the Word together! Join me today!


The cost of this complete faith and fitness coaching is available for the small fee of $99


Please click the button above and choose a payment of $99. I will be in touch within 24 hours!

Join me as we move our minds, bodies, and spirits to be too fit to quit for Jesus!

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